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Silver Crowns

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Material: Brass
Treatment process: plating
Color: Picture color
Quantity: 1 pair
Cufflinks originated in ancient Greece. Should be the 14th to 17th century, that is, the period of the Gothic Renaissance to Baroque, one of the most popular men's dresses in Europe. For the taste of the men, perhaps in addition to the ring, the cufflinks is the smallest area of ​​the decoration. Because of its material more choice of precious metals, and some even inlaid diamonds, precious stones, etc., so from the birth was put on the nobility of the aura, cufflinks and therefore become a measure of men's grade of two products, and selection, with , The use of all men are a knowledge.
Cufflinks itself is not a practical function, just a decoration only, but also similar to the ancient Chinese officials and literati on the identity of a (Chinese Qing Dynasty officials and literati
Only the sleeves are long over the wrist, that I do not work hard). A successful business person with cufflinks
The number is absolutely no less than the number of ties. As a man's only jewelry, it is distributed is a kind of irresistible self-confidence charm, a taste of men through cufflinks such details on the external transmission of extraordinary information